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Carrot and Toast Are Coming Home

After a nice long holiday in the sun, it’s time for Carrot & Toast to come home.

But there’s a slight problem... they can’t!

Join Carrot & Toast as they re-live their holiday adventures trying to find something very, very important in this funny, charming hand-drawn comic adventure!


Carrot and Toast Begin

How did Carrot and Toast become the best flippin’ friends ever? Why is Toast called toast when he looks more like bread?!

This chuckle-inducing prequel to Carrot and Toast Are Coming Home will have all the answers you need!



Carrot and Toast - BFF’s Forevz!

Carrot and Toast’s friendship is put to the test when a suspicious rabbit attempts to muscle in on the action - but why?


In their longest comic adventure yet, Carrot and Toast - BFF’s Forevz! will have your child shouting and laughing along right to the last page, and learning an important lesson too!


Carrot and Toast Get Lost

Oh what a lovely day for a picnic
- or so they thought!

In this action packed full length illustrated story book, Carrot and Toast unwhittingly end up miles from home and on the run from a mean stinky witch, riding butterflies and accidentally bringing down a wizard’s tower!


Will they manage to get home in one piece? Will they ever go on a picnic again?

Find out in this charmingly illustrated Carrot and Toast long read!

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