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​Carrot & Toast are here!

These Whole Food Heroes are anything but bland!


When was the last time you saw a carrot and a piece of toast walking down the road?!

Or even riding a fox in the snow?! (I know right?)​


Carrot & Toast are the best of friends (BFFs forevz actually!), and always end up on fun

- and quite often accidental - adventures. Even saving the world too occasionally!


Living their #BNL (Best Nutricious Life!) Carrot and Toast's strengths and weaknesses are perfectly balanced - kinda like yin and yang, (woah, that's so deep!)
– but actually more like an edible Laurel and Hardy.


Much like the late great Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad,
Carrot and Toast are introducing the world to a classic friendship, for a new generation in their comic adventures and books aimed at children between 6-8 years old, and have recently enjoyed a reboot as a webcomic for older 'kids' like you and me!

Carrot and Toast find themselves in hilarious situations, taking on fun and often complicated quests, side quests, side-side quests, puzzles, life dilemmas and journeys to far away lands, picnics in the park, random hippos and of course regular holidays to their favourite water park to ride the waves of the incredible legendary SUPER SPLOOSH!

With the residents of Peahaven and surrounding areas regularly popping up along the way to help (or even sometimes hinder) them, the adventures of Carrot and Toast will keep the whole family giggling along from start to finish!


Heck, it might even make you hungry for more!

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